JHW offers combination die molds that place an emphasis on being replaceable and environmentally- friendly,
marking a change from the traditional disposable types.

  • ■Benefits of changing to a combination die
  • ●Only the damaged portion needs to be replaced
  • ●Allows redistribution of stress
  • ●Allows for air and oil removal systems
  • ●Makes resource saving possible
  • ●Allows for changes to nib material and
    press fitting allowance
  • ●Increases service life thanks to
    changeable structure
  • ●Low running cost
  • ■Drawbacks of changing to a combination die
  • ●Initial costs
  • ●Time required to
    perform replacements
  • ●Investigating damaged portions
    takes time

High initial costs

We keep costs low by designing so as to reduce running costs
of replacement and extend service life.

Time required for oversight of replacement,
and time required to investigate damaged portions

JHW has prepared a returnable container just for replacement and repairs.
If you put the damaged mold or mold needing replacing in the returnable
container and send it to us, we will identify the damaged areas and areas
needing replacement or repair and perform these services after notifying you.