All materials used in JHW molds are procured from
trusted material manufacturers in Japan.
This enables material traceability and allows us to provide
materials that are manufacturer-guaranteed.
We also guarantee stable quality by conducting
heat-treatment in-house.

At JHW we use various measuring systems in our
manufacturing processes to conduct in-process inspections.
With "no defects get passed on to downstream processes"
as our motto, we prevent the transmission of defects by
conducting inspections during each process.

From ordering to delivery, we manage due dates and
production schedules using a production management
system. This system allows us to keep our product delivery
processes running smoothly and take swift action should
trouble occur.

Before shipping products out, JHW uses high-precision
inspection equipment to conduct strict shipping inspections.

Both JHW's main plant and Kagoshima plant have received
ISO9001 certification.