JHW dies for cold forging are guaranteed a long service life.

JHW's know-how, a result of many years in the business, allows us to use cutting-edge machining technologies to offer molds with a long service life after consideration of the optimum material, heat-treatment, construction, and surface finishing.
We continually offer high-quality molds by implementing new technologies made possible through in-house development and coordination with manufacturers that deal in materials and surface finishing.

JHW recommends the extended service life, lower costs, and high recyclability of
combination die systems.

  • ●Enables replacement of only
    damaged parts
  • ●Cases can be reused
  • ●Easy oil, air, and scrap removal
  • ●Redistributes stress
  • ●Enables addition of axial stress
  • ●Allows for trash separation when
  • ●Allows diversion to other purposes
    through standardization

While initial costs of JHW Seldie are higher than with normal products due to the
benefits shown to the left, large cost reductions are ultimately achieved thanks to longer service
life and replaceability.