• The test conditions can be easily set from the touch panel.
  • Switching between 2D and 3D is easy.
  • Large space is not needed as it stands upright, allowing for more effective use of space.(450mm×500mm×1730mm)
  • Enables easy processing with plastic.
    (JHW can perform specified shape processing.)
  • JHW keeps recommended DTUwax and FlossTM in stock.
    (DTUwax was developed at the Technical University of Denmark. FlossTM was developed at Kagoshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology.)
Size 450mm×500mm×1730mm
Weight 120kg
Power source Single-phase,100V
Touch panel Settings for punch /
punch pin speed and position
Punch /
punch pin drive timing
Display processing loads for
punch / punch pins (OPTION)
Servo motor Built-in torque limiting function
The maximum molding load 2000N
The maximum molding stroke 100mm
Cover Opening and closing sensor
Manual Job Slight movement control device
Model dies

The model die is made from plastic through
machining. This makes it light, easy to
machine and handle, and able to be stored
for long periods.
*JHW can perform specified shape machining
and grid line drawing.

Model material

We recommend DTUwax and


Comparison and verification

We add additives to improve the work hardening characteristic and ductility of DTUwax for matching various metals' flow characteristics.
When the transformation pattern of the grid lines on the model material is
almost approximated, the flow transformation of an actual metal can be

*Model material: we recommend model material DTUWAX / Floss for plastic working.
*Choose according to the intended purpose. Model dies: models dies made of resin material. JHW provides shaping services.