Simulation material for metal deformation, developed at the Technical University of Denmark.
Allows the defects and fiber flow of material in primarily forging to be observed.
Multiple additives allow for adjustment of ductility and the work hardening characteristic.
JHW handles a variety of standard products.
Reference paper: "Prevention of defects in forging by numerical and physical simulation",
Mogens Arentoft, Technical University of Denmark.

Model material developed at the Kagoshima Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology.
We have succeeded in achieving stable quality by using only products that have been domestically produced,
beginning with the raw materials.
Control of the work hardening characteristic is made possible by including numerous additives.
Our three standard products come in steady-state, soft state, and hard state conditions.

  • Grid line printing
  • pecial order sizes
  • Special mixtures
  • Technical services