Simulation material for metal deformation, developed at the Technical University of Denmark.
Can predict a variety of material defects in forging.
JHW is licensed to manufacture and sell this material.

While plasticine has traditionally been used in mass-marketed model material for
simulations, it has been difficult to use and uniform quality has been elusive. As a
plasticine alternative, DTUwax includes a number of additives to succeed in
approaching the behavior of metals. Allows various defects and fiber flow during
forging to be observed. Adjustment of the work hardening characteristic is also
possible due to the inclusion of additives. (option)
JHW handles a variety of standard products.
Reference paper:
"Prevention of defects in forging by numerical simulation", Mogens Arentoft,
Technical University of Denmark.
Types we carry
●Standard products (work hardening)
●Special-order products (stationary deformation, work softening) Options
●Grid line printing
●Size specification

Model materials that show a tendency towards work hardening   * Size specification is available as an option.